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Exterior Painting Services

  • Houses & Other Outdoor Structures (Barns, Shed, Guest House)

  • Decks & Fences

  • Exterior Trim, Siding, Gutters, Shutters, Doors, & More

  • Address Numbers on Curb

Exterior house painting

Your home is under constant attack by the elements; the freeze/thaw cycles of winter, the blazing heat of summer, and all the rain, wind, and moisture in-between can cause damage to your home by wearing down it's defenses.
Peeling, cracking, fading paint and caulk leave broken seals, exposing your home to the relentless forces of nature.
If left unrepaired, problems such as mold, dry rot, mildew, and/or pests (any creature that can fit into the cracked caulk or broken seals) can create permanent damage to your home.

We can HELP protect your home & prevent damage!

We scrape, sand, & prime areas of peeling paint; we scrape & re-caulk windows, doors, or other areas in need of caulk; we can replace or repair broken seals; we do light carpentry work (replace trim or boards) on a case-by-case basis.  Protect your home with a quality painting job!

Protect & Seal your Home from the Elements while adding Beauty & Value

Looking to Sell?

Add value to your sale and maximize your curb appeal with a professional painter!

Our exterior painting service comes with a 3 year warranty and a professional pressure washing.

Check out our pressure washing services as well!

Painting services to help sell house
Professional painters painting

Why hire us?

From start to finish, we offer a superior overall experience; this is the result of our detail oriented approach, use of experienced painters, and our 5 step Production System; we are professional, reliable, and seek to earn your referral

Professional & Reliable

Painting = Not fun

Painting is hard work and can be scary; constantly moving/climbing tall ladders in the hot sun all weekend is probably not your idea of a good time, so let us take care of that pesky painting project

Great Reviews

Our previous customers say it best!  Click on the link below to see our reviews.  References available upon request

5 step production process

We consistently deliver high quality results with our 5 Step Production System:

  1. Preparation: Pressure Wash (using professional "soft wash" method), Scrape, Sand, Caulk, Repairs, use drop cloths, masking, spray shields, as well as other preventative procedures

  2. Prime: we use a high quality primer to make sure your new paint lasts

  3. Painting: daily communication/updates (if multi-day job) with client; experienced painters who have been trained by The Kentucky Painter

  4. Clean-up: daily clean-up

  5. Inspection: Together we will review the finished product to ensure satisfaction.  Congratulations on your new and improved home!

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