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Why Hire a Professional Painting Service to Paint your Home

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Whether you’re looking to protect your home from the unforgiving forces of nature or add style and personality, painting is an excellent way to maintain and beautify your home. Northern Kentucky is my home, I want to help keep the neighborhoods beautiful, so whether you hire us or someone else please consider the following reasons why you should use a professional painting service.

Painting can be very difficult and time consuming. Hiring a professional painting service is an excellent way to get the job done right and reduce stress in your life. I want to emphasize the word “professional” from the previous sentence; a professional painting service will reduce stress in your life only if they are professional in all aspects of their business from production

to customer service and everything in-between. Be cautious of painting companies who don’t return your messages promptly or show up to give an estimate and only give you a verbal estimate (“I’ll do the work for $3500”) with zero detail. In my former life working as an accountant, and as a proud homeowner I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find/hire reliable professionals to get home improvement projects done (completely). Some of my less than favorable experiences with flakey contractors/workers offered the inspiration to create a complete customer experience for my clients. Providing a complete professional service is one thing that sets us apart from our competition.

Professional painting services add value to homes in more ways than just painting – especially when it comes to exterior services. Power washing is a standard exterior painting service that can completely transform the exterior of your home and give it added curb appeal. If you are interested in exploring different ways that painting can add value to your house, we would love to review some options with you.

Big things come in small packages; sometime small changes can produce big results. This old adage is true for painting projects too, and you can complete these projects without breaking the bank, the challenge is knowing where to implement these small changes. Adding a splash of color to areas such as trim or an accent wall can completely transform a room, and the refinement and style of your choices will certainly impress guests. Give our professional painting service a call today to discuss what painting services would be most beneficial for your home. We know what styles and colors are in, as well as which interior painting practices can be most transformative, and above all we are professional in every aspect of our business! Your peace of mind deserves a professional.

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