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How much will my Interior Painting Project Cost?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

This is a person thinking about the how much it would cost to hire an interior painter
How much will an Interior Painter Cost?

Interior Painting is a great way to add style and personality to your home; especially if you’re sick of retro-bleak colors that have long been out of favor or worse yet colors that never caught on; Donkey Tail Brown or Summer Squash Yellow are just plain offensive to look at!

This article will give you a ballpark price of the financial cost of painting interior rooms in your house. Prices from any other reputable painting company, fully licensed and insured, will fall in the same ballpark.

I. How big is the room?

i. Multiply Square Footage of Room by $0.80

ii. To find the Square Footage of a room

iii. Measure the Length and Width of the room (in feet)

iv. Then Multiply the Length and Width Measurements

v. For Example: a room 15 feet long by 12 feet wide would be 15 x 12 = 180 square feet; our Base Price would be $144; the base rate of $0.80 multiplied by 180 square feet

II. How tall are the ceilings?

i. 8 foot: No change to Base Price

ii. 9 foot: Multiply Base Price by 1.2

iii. 10 foot: Multiply Base Price by 1.3

iv. Vaulted: Multiply Base Price by 1.3

III. How many colors are being used?

i. 1 Color: No change to Base Price

ii. 2 Colors: Multiply Base Price by 1.2

iii. 3 Colors: Multiply Base Price by 1.3

IV. What is the Condition of the Walls?

i. Good Condition (no repairs): No change to Base Price

ii. Fair Condition (simple repairs): Multiply base price by 1.1

iii. Bad condition (large holes, cracking, water damage): Multiply base price by 1.3

V. How many coats?

i. 1 Coat: No change to Base Price

ii. 2 Coats: Multiply by 1.25

iii. 3 Coats: Multiply by 1.3

VI. Quality of paint?

i. Value: No change to Base Price

ii. Mid-Value: Multiply by 1.2

iii. Mid-Plus: Multiply by 1.25

iv. Premium: Multiply by 1.3

VII. Baseboards, Ceilings, Doors & Trim?

i. Baseboards: Multiply Square Footage of Room by $0.45

ii. Ceiling (non-Vaulted, single story): Multiply Square Footage by $0.55

iii. Vaulted Ceilings: Multiply Square Footage by $0.80

iv. Doors & Trim: $50 per Door

Here is an Example of a master bedroom measuring 15 feet long by 15 feet wide

SIZE: 15 * 15 = 225 square feet

225 * $0.80 = $180

Base Price will be $180

HEIGHT: Vaulted Ceiling; Multiply Base Price by 1.3

1.3 * 180 = $234

# of COLORS: Two colors being used; Multiply by 1.2

1.2 * 234 = $280.80

CONDITION: No repairs are being made; Multiply by 1

1 * 280.80 = $280.80

# of COATS: 2 Coats; Multiply by 1.25

1.25 * 280.80 = $351

PAINT QUALITY: Premium Paint; Multiply by 1.3

1.3 * 351 = $456.30

ADDING BASEBOARDS: Multiply Square Footage (Size) by 0.45

225 * 0.45 = $101.25


Multiply Square Footage (Size) by 0.80

225 * 0.8 = $180

ADDING 3 DOORS: 3 * 50 = $150

WALLS Sub-Total: $456.30



DOORS: $150

GRAND TOTAL: $887.55

Schedule an estimate today for a free detailed estimate!

At the estimate, we take the time to learn about you and listen to what you want. Then we take a thorough look at all aspects of the project, taking pictures to add to the detailed proposal we send within 24 hours of the estimate.

We make recommendations, and lay out different options.

We’d love to paint your house, so call, text, email, or book an estimate online!

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