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Deck the Walls with Interior Painting

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Holiday season will be here before you know it; now is the right time to start thinking of holiday projects to be sure they are completed on time for holiday guests.

Interior painting is a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays!

First Impressions:

The Foyer or Front Entry creates an important first impression. Additionally, entry ways take a lot of wear and tear everyday from everything coming into and out of your home constantly, shoes, pets, bad weather, etc. Make a great first impression with fresh paint; a professionally finished painting job will take care of all those wall dings, nail pops, splatters, and spills creating an entry way that will impress holiday guests.

Comfort & Joy in the Kitchen:

I’m not just talking about food when I say “Comfort & Joy in the Kitchen”. The kitchen is a hot-spot during holiday gatherings, baking cookies, preparing delicious holiday meals; How many times have you had a crowd in the kitchen during a holiday party? New paint can give your kitchen a whole new feel!

Partner new paint with coordinating accessories and you’ll be ready to welcome the whole neighborhood in to decorate gingerbread cookies. Not certain which color will enhance your space? We can help, schedule a color consultation!

1st Floor Half-Bath:

During holiday season, the little half-bath on the 1st floor becomes the MVP of all your bathrooms (or should I say MVB). Give your MVB MVP treatment and make sure your star bathroom is wearing a clean uniform with fresh paint; new towels, tasteful artwork, and new paint will prepare this highly frequented area for the increased holiday load.

If you would like more personalized ideas and/or need help with colors, schedule a free estimate today!

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Our kitchen gets so much use during the holidays and its the room people are in most of the time, glad we painted!


Isn't that the truth about the 1st floor bathroom (powder room) getting extra exposure during holiday season? Lol!!!


Great advice, thanks!

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