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How much does Exterior House Painting Cost?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Spring is on it's way! Warmer weather draws us to spend more time outside, and with more time spent in the yard, we notice new damage from winter. Cracking, peeling paint or caulk, exposed gaps, rotting boards, fading shutters, to name a few.

You begin to wonder...How much will Exterior Painting cost this year?

This article will give you a ballpark price range for the financial cost of exterior house painting.

Our focus will be on the main components of any painting job, which are as follows:

1. Size of Home, 2. Condition of existing Paint (Prep Work), 3. Accessibility of areas to be painted, 4. Number of Coats, and 5. Quality of the Paint.

Exterior House Painting
Exterior House Painters

1. How big is your house?

one-story: start with a base price of $1500

two-story: start with a base price of $2250

2. What condition is the house in? Are there exposed boards, lots of peeling paint, or other areas in need of repair? This may seem a little unclear (what defines "good" or "bad" condition?), but our estimating process will make this item crystal clear by providing a line-by-line breakdown of each area to be painted.

Good Condition: Multiply base price by 1.1

Fair Condition: Multiply base price by 1.3

Bad Condition: Multiply base price by 1.5

3. How accessible are the areas to be painted? Consider common obstacles such as:

a) Trees and Bushes (that will need to be worked around or trimmed),

b) Hills and Slopes (that will require more time to set -up ladders)

c) Power Lines (that will need to be turned off by the electric company)

Low # of Obstacles: Multiply price by 1.1

Moderate # of Obstacles: Multiply price by 1.2

High # of Obstacles: Multiply price by 1.4

4. How many coats of paint?

One coat: No change

Two coats: Multiply price by 1.3

5. What quality of paint do you want to use?

Super Paint (Value): Multiply by 1.1

Durations (Mid/High End): Multiply price by 1.2

Emerald (Top-of-the-Line): Multiply price by 1.25

Here is an Example:

Two story house ($2250), in Fair Condition (1.3), with a Moderate Number of Obstacles (1.2), needing only

One Coat of Paint (1.0), and using Sherwin Williams Durations (1.2) would total $4212 ($2250 * 1.3 * 1.2 * 1.0 * 1.2).

If your home was built before 1978, it needs to be checked for lead paint. If it does have lead paint the price will increase x2 or x3 due to EPA regulations on lead paint procedures.

When you schedule an estimate with NKY Paint & Pressure Wash, we take the time to walk around your house with you to identify problem areas as well as to make recommendations, and inform you of your options. We will provide different options for your painting project to fit in your budget. Schedule your free estimate online today or give us a call 859-444-4421!

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Overall great article. Most of the painting quotes I've gathered so far have been in-line with this.


Looking to paint the exterior of our house this spring. Thanks for the article!

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