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How to Choose the Best Paint Color?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Choosing the right color for your next painting project can be fun and exciting, but determining whether the color you choose is just a trend or something that will look classy for years to come can seem tedious. Sometimes there isn’t much rhyme or reason why certain colors fade in and out of style and why some can endure the test of time. This article will attempt to manifest characteristics that might make a color a fad versus a staple then offer solutions and resources to help you make your decision.

Oftentimes, bold or quirky colors exist as trends rather than staples. Take mint for example. Super quirky – and definitely a trend! But to each his own. If you self-identify as bold or quirky, then a paint color trend might be for you! It’s usually safe to say a paint color will be a trend if you would describe it as bold or quirky.

So you think a paint color might be trending, but you’re not sure. Fortunately there are many resources available to help identify trends in home decor, home painting, and interior design. HGTV shows are an easy and convenient way to discover trendy colors. Home décor blogs are also great (and many of the designers/experts from various HGTV shows have their own blogs). Apps such as Paint Tester, available for both iPhone and Android users, are excellent (free) tools that allow you to further visualize paint color changes.

Sometimes it’s safe to be a little risky with a trending color choice, like small interior details. For example:

think twice before starting a large exterior home painting project with a color that might only be relevant for a few years. Sometimes you have to go with your gut; be able to take a step back and assess whether this is a color you can live with until you paint again (when do you think you’ll need to paint the area in question again?). At the very least, make sure you’re committed to your decision!

Unsure of where you should implement your trendy color choice? The professionals at NKY Paint & Pressure Wash would love to help you with a color consultation! Or maybe you’re ready to begin your painting project; in which case, call us today for a quote and get your project started!

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